Cult objects

The Iconer is a brand that seeks to bring to life the archetype of elegance and style through iconic objects coined by special people. We call them tastemakers. That is why we recreate these objects, as unique works of art with a contemporary vision and a true belief in craftsmanship.

Just a simple imitation?  Hardly.

We believe it is a particular art form. By using the noblest materials, reviving traditional skills and bringing to life vintage materials, we create EVERY YEAR a unique object with its own personality and glam.

Churchill Ashtray

The Cult 2018

Handpainted Limoges

Cuban Blend

Perhaps, no man is more readily associated with the enthusiastic and regular enjoyment of cigars than Churchill. He got his passion in Cuba in 1895, and it was in this Caribbean context that Churchill’s cigar smoking began in earnest. All along and from that point on he favoured Cuban cigars above all others and in particular Romeo y Julieta.

Meant for someone special

This ashtray comes from France, from a picturesque town Hidden away in Aixe sur Vienne, in the heart of the Limousin region. It has been manufactured in the same way as it was centuries ago, entirely by hand. Through its pale purity the secret of true “grand feu” Limoge porcelain is revealed to us: kaolin clay,  fired at very high temperatures to create a resilient, translucent material, unlike no other.

The astray is available in blue and orange colour, The size is 199 x 155 x 35 mm.  It is placed in a special cardboard box and wrapped as it is shown in the pictures. In addition, it comes with a personaliced book meant for a particular person, telling the story of the ashtray and the way it has been made. Finally, each ashtray has an specific number and has a protected designation of origin: Limoges, as well as a hand painted print. // 280 euros. Shipping costs included.